Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Pocket Camcorders Vs Digital Cameras

Digital cameras have come a very long way in the area of video recording in the last couple of years. You can purchase regular digital cameras that do a good job of HD video recording. You might ask yourself- why should I get a camcorder or a pocket camcorder at all?

Well, digital cameras may have come some way in their video ability, but you still are probably going to get better results from a dedicated video camera. Let's explain why.

Some digital cameras do offer 720p recording capability, but this is not nearly as high quality as 1080p that most decent video cameras can do today. If you want those first baby steps of your first born to be really sharp and clear in 20 years, you will not be able to do better than a regular camcorder or a pocket camcorder.

Even when you shoot in standard def, you can see a big difference in the video quality. Standard def camcorders will still get video at a better bit rate than a still camera.

Next, a lens on a camcorder is going to give you a lot more zoom. There are some longer zoom still cameras out there, but you are not going to be able to get as much zoom as with just about any camcorder. Some people find also that the zoom lens on the still camera is quite noisy and the sound of it zooming can be picked up on the audio.

Your digital still camera is going to record video to a memory card. A camcorder can do this, but it also can store video on the hard drive. This is going to give you a great deal more recording time than the highest capacity memory card. Also, you can do your video recording right to DVD with a camcorder.

Next, you will find that the audio on a camcorder is going to be much better to what is on a still camera. You also will have better recording options for audio, such as the feature to zoom in on the source of a sound right away. You also will have better video adjustment tools on a camcorder, such as field of view, the shutter speed and the white balance.

Digital cameras are great devices, and no doubt that one can serve in a pinch as a decent video camera. But if you want high quality video, go with a camcorder or pocket camcorder every time.

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