Monday, 26 December 2011

Head Cameras, Perfect For Sports and Security

Head cameras are something which most people will have heard of - let's face it, the name kind of gives away what they are - but when pushed on their uses or benefits, people are often unsure, and tend to just get an image of someone walking around with a Kodak glued to their face!

This of course though if clearly wide of the mark, head cameras are small wearable cameras designed to be either helmet mounted or head mounted in order to provide a POV (point of view) video shot from whoever is wearing the device. This sort of technology has been in use and building in popularity since around 2005 and in those years they have served a whole wide range of purposes, covering everything from video production, to sports recreation and even security, policing, and in international conflicts.

These cameras are normally supplied with mounting options that allow the camera to be secured to either protective head gear or directly to the head using a secure head strap or camera headset, and tend to sit over the ear with the camera facing forward, with wide angle lenses to capture whatever it is the wearer is looking at through a digital video recorder

One fantastic example of the great uses these cameras provide can be seen in Afghanistan, where coalition forces have been using these systems for many years, with solider on dawn raid patrol in particular finding uses for them, capturing high quality video and audio of raids which can then be use to provide evidence toward criminal convictions, or for tracking down other potential insurgents. Military grade hear camera systems have been built for this purpose ever since the technology surfaced.

The devices have also found a similar usage with police forces, an d even security guards all over the world, whether it be a dawn drugs raid on a house, keeping track of customer behaviour surrounding a pub or nightclub, or providing high quality videos of civil unrest to capture the perpetrators, these cameras are no doubt a crime fighting tool well worth their place in the arsenal.

Now, you may be thinking that's all well and good but what uses do they have to me in my every day life? Well head camera systems also have their place in fun family life too, whether its to capture the best POV videos of you adventuring, climbing, snowboarding or skateboarding, or even just providing a hands free way for you to capture those precious moments of a wedding or a child birthday party, proving that from the happiest of moments to the most volatile nerve testing experiences, head cameras can provide a benefit to everyone.

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